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'He Asked For It' has been extended
through Sunday, July 26, 2009 —
including two additional Wednesday night shows
featuring our exceptional understudy cast,
July 15 and July 22!




June 29, 2009: The Advocate

"The cast of seven creates an intimate space for the audience to enter the characters' lives completely. Patterson has accomplished quite a feat in writing a play that tackles tough issues around HIV while getting his audience to intermittently roar with laughter. Even though this play is nothing like Angels in America, I daresay that Mr. Kushner would be proud."
Amita Parashar


"He Asked For It is heartbreakingly good. Solid writing, direction, design, and a cast of actors so attractive they need not be talented—and so talented they need not be attractive. I've seen it twice. GO!"
—Alec Mapa, actor and comedian (UGLY BETTY)

"If you care about art, if you care about good writing, if you care about forgiveness, if you care about prejudice, if you care about gay rights, if you care about watching SUPER HOT MEN gallivant about, please, you must must must go see this play. It will renew your faith in theatre."
—Rachel Kann, poet

Previous Press

“Writer Erik Patterson has written an AIDS play with a difference. His take on the subject is fresh, provocative and unpredictable, his characters are engagingly human, and he finds plenty of comedy along the way.”
Neal Weaver, LA WEEKLY

“Director Neil H. Weiss oversees a fluid, minimalist outing…Patterson’s brightest gifts – authentic idiom, sharp humor, beautifully layered dialogue – are on display, and the players embrace the swerving stakes…This is a brave, worthy take on a difficult topic.”

“Gay-themed dramas charting thematic territory that feels truly new are rare, and those that pack a knockout dramatic punch are even harder to come by…Erik Patterson’s gripping and intelligent new play feels like a watershed piece. This is a frank and eye-opening view of contemporary urban gay culture that's hard-hitting without being exploitative. It's as funny as it is tragic, eloquently reflecting the bittersweet contradictions of life…this is a vital new work deserving strong audience support…There’s much to celebrate here, including Neil H. Weiss’ crisp and finely nuanced direction and Egender’s charismatic and heart-wrenching portrayal.”

“Patterson’s world premiere play is funny, wicked, and a bit shocking, moving quickly from comedy to drama.”
Madeleine Shaner, BACKSTAGE WEST

“An amazing play…a phenomenal play…It was funny and sexy and dirty and smart and hilarious and sad and painful and thought-provoking and amazingly moving…I walked out of HE ASKED FOR IT and into the cold rain simply thrilled with the whole experience.”
Bonnie Gillespie, SHOWFAX.COM

"The show is really a treat: sexy, provocative, controversial and hilarious to boot... brave and brazen."


"HE ASKED FOR IT is a real, raw, funny, sexy look at love and relationships that is not to be missed! It's witty, well-observed, and achingly true and it has a hot, talented cast! Get off the couch and go see this play!" -- Annie Weisman, playwright

"A harrowing and microscopic look at some uncomfortable taboos. Rarely has the dark seen so much light. This play is as excellent as it is important." -- Taylor Negron, actor

"In He Asked For It, you get that extraordinary combination of original storytelling, empathetic acting, and crisp clean direction.” -- Chet Grissom, actor

"HE ASKED FOR IT cuts deep, exposing who we really are when we're alone in the world. These men are as funny as they are sad, as kind as they are destructive, making them more human than ever, more watchable. We know these guys. We are these guys. And besides all of that, if you want to see the most inventive use of a car door in the history of American theater, be quick. Before you just have to hear about it. You MUST see this play." -- Kim Dunbar, playwright

"The razor sharp wit of Erik Patterson's dialogue is as exceptional as the vividness of his characterizations. This play constantly surprises and holds the audience spellbound through to the end. The cast is superb."
-- Bjorn Johnson, director and actor

"I've been thinking about the play a great deal since Sunday night. It is riveting and human and unexpected and terrifying and really fucking funny."
-- Jennifer Maisel, playwright